Sumer 2022 Updates

It’s been a busy few months here in Chicago! Since the beginning of the year we have seen restrictions be rolled back and Chicago is finally settling into normalcy in general. Chicago Percussion has continued to hold free, weekly percussion classes through our partnership with Center on Halsted. Classes have been going well, the youth are attending on a regular basis, and we are starting to look towards the Pride Parade on June 26!

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Chicago Percussion is collaborating with the Center On Halsted to launch the Center On Halsted Pride Drumline!

This group will serve as a community drumline for youth in the city of Chicago, and we plan to perform at events in the Chicago Area, including the world renowned Pride Parade on Oct. 3! Weekly Saturday rehearsals will being in August and continue throughout the month of September as we gear up for #Pride. This marching unit is open to percussionists and musicians age 14 and older, including both beginning and experience drummers. We look forward to bringing some #NoiseOnTheNorthSide and celebrating equality, diversity, and inclusion as one Chicago!

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Chicago Percussion is excited to announce that we are partnering with the Center On Halsted to produce educational music programs for young Chicagoans! Beginning July 1, The Center will host “Bucket Jam Sessions” every Thursday from 5:30 - 6:30 PM CT. In these sessions, young musicians will get introductory instruction on percussion and be given the opportunity to learn, have fun, and drum in an accessible community environment.

It's our hope that these sessions serve as a great way for the members of the community to not just get to know the craft of drumming, but that they get introduced to the many different life lessons that participating in music can provide. Along with Bucket Sessions, the Center On Halsted and Chicago Percussion are collaborating to form a community drumline. This ongoing performance unit will be open to drummers aged 14 and older. The Drumline will begin weekly rehearsals in August and culminate with a performance at the world renowned Pride Parade on Oct. 3! For information on joining this unit, visit

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