About Chicago Percussion

Every member of Chicago Percussion has had their life shaped by musical performance and the marching activity. Some of our Board of Directors have amassed decades of professional experience working in Percussive Arts, and some of our Directors credit their early participation in music as a life-changing experience that instilled in them important habits and let them see the world and perform on impressive stages. Every member of our team is tremendously grateful for the opportunities they have had in youth performance and teaching. Because of the fundamental role that percussion and music performance has had in our lives, we are incredibly excited to provide a new Percussive Arts platform for beginning and experienced percussionists in the Chicago Area.

Chicago Percussion offers multifaceted percussion programs open to percussionists 14 years and older. Our programmatic offerings include parade corps , a competitive indoor drumline, and master-classes taught throughout the Chicago area. We offer entry points into percussion to various skill levels in both marching and concert percussion, and every member will come away from Chicago Percussion with improved skills, valuable experiences, and great stories.

Chicago Percussion has been approved by the State of Illinois as a non profit youth music organization. Chicago Percussion has submitted to the IRS for 501c3 tax exempt status and is currently navigating the application process.

For more information check out our informational presentation.