Melisa Durkin


Melisa Durkin began her marching career at the age of 6 and was active in both Jr. Drum and Bugle Corp and Indoor Winterguard as a performer for 10 years with organizations that included the Patriots of Rochester, NY, the Firebirds and the Northmen also of Rochester, NY. In addition she also marched for Firebirds Winterguard as well as Bluefire Winterguard. After concluding her marching years she went on to work for several not-for-profit organizations including; Cornhill Waterfront and Navigation Foundation, St. Bernards School of Theology and the Wimot Cancer Center in Rochester, NY. While working for these organizations she gained experience as a finance and marketing manager and administrative assistant to the President and Vice President of these organizations. She went on to get her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, and she currently teaches as a Montessori teacher in the Dallas Independent School District. In addition to teaching she is also in charge of providing professional development for the staff on campus in the area of Social Emotional Health and she is part of the Montessori Think Tank which helps align and develop curriculum for the district.

Today Melisa lives in Dallas, TX.