As a multi-faceted and agile marching percussion group, Chicago Percussion is anywhere drumming can be expected (and maybe a few places it isn’t!). We offer both performance and teaching-centric programs, and our members are welcome to participate in the activities that fit their passions and skill sets. Below are the programs that make up the corps of the musical force that is Chicago Percussion

The Parade Line

Our Parade line will rock the streets of Chicago and the surrounding areas throughout the summer. The parade line is a community group available to percussionists 14 or older. Our snare, bass, tenor, and cymbal playing members will be organized into a marching unit that will participate in outdoor events between May and September. This is an excellent program for High School drummers to elevate their technical skills and gain experience playing in a formally organized drumline, and it will provide a great community that will allow college students and older performers the chance to perform in an active and vibrant setting. This program also offers the chance for our members to write and teach street beats of their own, and we are eager to let our members experiment in composition.

The Indoor Line

Our winter program will start in November with our Open Houses. These Open Houses will provide master classes in marching and concert percussion technique to any interested percussionists between the ages of 14 and 22, and they will give those new to the activity the chance to "try out" and see if the competitive indoor activity is the right fit for them.

The Indoor Ensemble will be Chicago Percussion’s creative and competitive performance program. This group will present a six minute competitive program that combines creative on-field formation marching, physical movement, and musical percussion (for more about what this type of performing looks like, check out these videos)

In addition to the traditional marching battery, the indoor line will also feature keyboard and mounted percussion players, as well as drumset, piano / synth, and world percussion instruments, as well as a wide range of other creative innovations! Our indoor line will provide our members with a chance for creative performance at a very high level, and offer unique experiences that will edify and excite!

Clinics and Classes

The Chicago Percussion staff is packed with music educators, composers, and clinicians who have been performing for most of their lives. We are excited to bring our expertise to schools and neighborhoods in the Chicago area. Participating in our classes will give young percussionists direct exposure to tutelage of award-winning performers, composers, clinicians, and respected teachers in percussion, along with exposure to contemporary marching and concert percussion. We hope to bring our experience and opportunities to wherever the eager young performers are, and provide a route for beginner and intermediate drummers percussionists to learn the techniques needed for battery and keyboard performance at the highest level. These classes come in all shapes and sizes, and we are very open to bringing drumming percussion tutelage and mentorship to all who seek it!